Let me tell you an (open) secret: you certainly have heard the phrase that says: “The first impression is what counts” … Right?


Well, that is absolutely true: ALL brands create sensations and feelings when you see them for the first time.
And I’m not just talking about big brands, but also small businesses or even personal brands.
And just as the first time is important, the second one is also key, and the third one… do you see where I’m going?
I’m talking about visual consistency, so every time you “show up” you do it in the same way.

What do you achieve with this?

Trust. Harmony. Familiarity.

Being consistent with your brand …

builds trust: when we are familiar with something, we innately trust it more… right?
It’s that feeling of “being at home” that makes you feel good.
This brings us to the second point:
creates recognition: familiarity goes hand in hand with recognition, which helps your customers to identify your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
is invisible: you don’t realize something is “out of place” until it really is!
That is why I tell you that consistency is invisible.
For example: if you usually show yourself in a warm and delicate way, and suddenly you use strident language, or a very childish image … well, that would be out of place.
saves you time and money: you only need to define your visual style once, and from there everything is repetition.
You will not have to waste time (or money) thinking about how to use your brand. It will come out naturally.

…So how do you achieve that long-desired consistency?

As I said above: based on repetition.
Make the most of what makes you different, and repeat it to create a distinctive brand.

For example: If you make a super nice post for your Instagram, using some colors that you like, and then the next post has a different typeface, and another visual style … well, that will confuse your audience.
This doesn’t mean that your entire image has to be the same; you don’t want to be boring, right?
But you do have to keep in mind that at least you have to define certain graphic and communication elements that identify with your brand and help you to be recognized.
And from there, you stay true to those elements: your photo style, your color palette, your typography … and even your theme (what you usually talk about, or what you communicate).

Ideally, the person who sees your brand will recognize it without your logo or even your name.

That consistency, applied to all your channels (social media, web, email, etc.) will create a strong brand identity.
There is something called “brand promise”, and it is the experience that your audience expects to receive when they interact with it. You build it little by little, with each action you take.


So now it’s your turn … how are you building that brand promise?
Do you think you are creating a consistent brand?

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How to create a brand with purpose


The Secret Brand

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