This project was born from my passion for design and well-being.

Creativity has always been part of my life, and this happens at all levels: my work, the way I express myself, what I like to do in my free time.

I enjoy creating, and I am grateful to be lucky enough to live off my passion: design.

I have always been a lover of yoga and mindfulness, but I didn’t practice them as a routine.
But last year, with the start of the pandemic, something clicked on me.
As has happened to many of us, it was a time of introspection and of re-evaluating my goals and desires. I changed my routines and incorporated habits that helped me to live the moment with more awareness.

I started to meditate every day, I incorporated yoga as my main exercise and I could easily relate to this feeling of well-being.
Then I realized that it was also time to rethink my career.
I love what I do, but let’s say I added A + B and realized that if I combined my 2 passions (design and wellness), I would be able to get closer to what I call having a ‘true purpose’.

And that’s how Simple Flow Design was born.
As a personal need to connect my passions, to be in tune with who I am and what moves me.


The meaning behind the name

The word ‘flow’ has always been around me.

For me, the state of flowing is magical … it is that feeling of losing track of time, forgetting your surroundings, and not registering anything other than what is happening at that moment.
That feeling of timelessness is wonderful because it joins mindfulness with the enjoyment of not thinking, not judging, not worrying.
It’s just letting you go … and it reflects what I feel when designing.

Flow is also starting from scratch: an opportunity to start walking on untraveled roads.
And that is what I was looking for with this endeavor: to experience the emotion of starting over, of opening up to new adventures.


Design is Flow. 
Design is Simple.
I am Simple Flow Design.