The Open Space Retreat

slow-life · organic · sophisticated · connection  · relax

The Open Space Retreat

‘The Open Space Retreat’ is a resort that promotes holistic wellness. Through its activities (meditation, yoga, massages, spa) it invites you to a journey of relax and disconnection. The resort, located on an incredible beach by the sea, has an elegant and modern style that makes this a unique place.


To create an organic, intentional branding that evokes authenticity and luxury, and that inspires clients to discover the full potential of this unique resort. Both the branding and the created assets are an invitation to relax and connect body & mind.


The new brand radiates well-being, balance, and calm.
Its minimalist color palette with desaturated tones includes shades of green, blue, and sand colors, evoking the elements of nature. The main typeface reflects elegance, style, and sophistication. The combination of text in a script typeface suggests proximity and connection.
The photography art direction focuses on close-ups, details, and subtle colors, reflecting the union of nature and spirituality, as well as a “slow-life” lifestyle.

The Open Space Retreat