Maybe you are considering changing your visual identity, but you are still not sure.
Whatever the reason, some key points must be evaluated for this rebranding to be successful.


But before we start, let’s clarify something: What does it mean to rebrand?
After a strategy session, the visual identity of a brand is totally or partially changed, with the aim of improving its positioning and reach. You don’t necessarily have to change your name (although this is also valid if you think it will help you).
So basically a rebranding includes changing:

1/ The strategy: It is the basis to start the process> it is time to rethink everything, from the target audience to your values, through your mission and the story you want to tell.
2 / Visual identity: We are talking about the logo as well as all the visual elements that are part of your brand: colors, typography, photographic style, etc.

 … How do you know if it’s time to redesign your brand?
Here are some signs that can tell you if it’s time:

1. You are in a new stage of your career or business.
Your current brand does not convey what you offer or does not reflect your growth.
It may happen that your look has become outdated, or that you have grown so much that your brand has “outgrown”.
As you already know, the first impression is what counts … and now this impression is making you lose customers.
It is normal for you to evolve, and change as you grow. What you were when you started is not what you are now. Your branding must reflect that growth!

2. Your brand looks like any other brand.
Is your branding very similar to that of your competition? Does it feel like is lost in the “ocean” of the Instagram feed?
Time to consider a rebrand.

3. Your target audience has changed or you have refined your audience.
You don’t attract the audience you want, and you don’t know how to communicate who you do want to attract.
As you have grown, you have refined your audience. You are more clear about who you are addressing, but your entire image is not directed towards that audience.
You need to turn your communication around to reach the right people.

4. Your brand does not reflect your values.
You feel “disconnected” from your brand. It does not represent you, it is not aligned with who you are and what you offer.
I’m not exaggerating if I tell you that your brand should be aligned with your dream !!

5. All you have is a logo … and that’s not enough.
Think about it… it is not enough to use your logo for all purposes.
A logo alone does not communicate, it is not enough to awaken emotions. Behind a brand there is history, personality, strategy … and all of this is based on a visual identity created especially to convey everything it represents. That visual identity often includes logo variations, a color palette that will make you fall in love, as well as images that resonate with your ideal audience.


What do you think?
Are you clearer if it’s time to rebrand, or are you still wondering?

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How to create a brand with purpose


The Secret Brand

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